Best Affordable Watch Brands in Indi

Top 10 Best Affordable Watch Brands For Men In India

Who wouldn’t want to have a stylish and luxury watch in their wardrobe?

It is no surprise that everyone likes to wear luxury watches.

Everyone wishes that they also have a collection of premium watches like Rolex, Rado, Omega that they can wear whenever they want.

But the truth is, these watches are so expensive which is not possible for everyone to be able to afford.

These are the watches for which you have to spend thousands of dollars. And a man like you and me, it is impossible to invest such an amount for a watch.

But what, if I say you do not need to invest thousands of dollars to buy luxury watches similar to them?

Yes, you heard me right!

Luckily there are some best affordable watch brands available in the Indian market that are good at offering quality budget watches at an affordable cost.

These are the brands from which you can buy one of your dream watches without investing thousands of dollars.

So, let’s see the best budget watch brands.

Discover Top 10 Best Affordable Watch Brands In India

Best Affordable Watch Brands in Indi

1. Fossil

Fossil Best Affordable Watch Brands

Fossil is a watch brand in India that is well known for its stylish, premium build quality and excellent performing watches for mid-range.

It has an extensive range of casual, formal, and dress watches that comes in a high-quality stainless steel body, premium quality leather strap, attractive, and elegant watch faces with highly durable performance.

The quartz movement technology and analog watch display of the Fossil watches provides very precise timekeeping that is the trademark of the brand.

So, if you are in a search of the best budget watch brands that make you look stand out instantly, the Fossil watches will never disappoint you.

2. Casio

Casio Best Affordable Watch Brands

Casio is one of the most preferred and most trusted brands for affordable watches available right now in the market.

The brand has always been the best choice when it comes to durable watches in the cost-effective price range.

It has specialized in the various fields offering a variety of watches for many proposes like a formal dress, casual and outdoor activities.

They are built with high-quality material like stainless steel, resin case, and a leather strap that ensures a long-life performance with its precise quartz mechanism.

So, if you like to wear quality watches then Casio is one of the best affordable watch brands in India that you can go with.

Casio has a wide range of watch collections, so if you don’t want to put a heavy amount on a watch, it has some best collections for an affordable cost.

Also, it has a wide range of most exceptional quality watches for people who are able to invest some high amount.

Casio G-Shock, Enticer, Edifice, Vintage Series, Pro-Trek, and Youth series are some of its tremendous watch series that are very popular in India.

3. Timex

Timex Best Affordable Watch Brands

Timex is an American watch brand that is well known for its casual and dress watch collection.

From high-end watches to an affordable price range, Timex has some of the most elegant, reliable, and highly durable timepieces in the market.

They produce both expensive luxury watches and budget watches at the same time. Its watches are surprisingly packed with the best design and quality that never fails to grab the attention.

Timex watches come in a premium quality material that is crafted beautifully. They are perfectly designed to suit your attire instantly. And the precise technology ensures its ultimate best performance.

So, for people who are looking for watches on a lower budget, Timex is considered one of the best affordable watch brands for men in India.

4. Swatch

Swatch Best Affordable Watch Brands

For people who are looking for a stylish and fashionable watch, Swatch is a brand that they need. This is one of the top watch brands for affordable watches available right now in the market.

The brand has a blend of Swiss watch offers a variety of very attractive, versatile, and high-quality watches at an affordable price range for the young generation.

Swatch features a wide range of casual, formal, and lifestyle watches for men and women in highly fashionable and stylish designs making this brand very popular among the youth.

Along with this, Swatch offers many expensive luxury Swiss watches in terms of analog, digital, and chronograph features that make this one of the best expensive luxury watch brands.

5. Seiko

Seiko Best Affordable Watch Brands

In the affordable watch brand segment, Seiko is also another big name that deserves to be on our list for many reasons.

This Japanese watch brand is well known for its formal look that has a variety of fully functional premium watches.

Seiko watches are a perfect combination of design and performance. They have the motive to deliver the best class value in every watches that they made.

The Japanese technology behind the Seiko watches ensures ultimate precise performance. The premium quality material provides a comfortable and secure grip that you can find on every watch.

Along with this, Seiko has also some of the best chronograph, quartz, and automatic watches.

Although, these watches are available for a premium budget range that makes this one of the best expensive watch brands in India.

6. G-Shock

S-Shock Best Affordable Watch Brands

For people who like outdoor activities and are into sports, G-Shock is no doubt definitely the best choice available in the market.

G-shock, a series of Casio watches is known for its touch, highly durable, and unbeatable performance in extreme conditions.

G-shock watches feature shock-resistant, water-resistant, rugged muscular shape and sporty design makes this watch a perfect companion for the outdoorsy type.

Its watches have some other advanced features like stopwatch, illumination night light, word-time with city time zones, alarm, automatic calendar, countdown timer, and etc.

So when it comes to a sports watch brand in India, G-Shock is the name that comes first for its top-notch built quality and excellent performance.

7. Citizen

Citizen Best Affordable Watch Brands

CItizen is one of the affordable watch brands in India that is well-recognized for its advanced innovative technology and uniquely designed watches ever made in watch history.

They have a wide collection of affordable watches for men and women in terms of various designs, built material, and performance.

Citizen is a Japanese watch manufacturer well known for the advanced Solar Powered watches that rely on a solar panel built inside the watch dial.

It converts the sunlight into energy to operate the watch and does not require a battery or cell to run even for long long years. Each Citizen watches are a perfect combination of technology and design.

Japanese technology ensures the best precise timekeeping. Its elegant attractive design makes you instantly stand out among the crowd and make people head-turner towards you.

The Eco-Drive is one of its Solar Powered watch series that is very popular around the world.

8. Giordano

Giordano Best Affordable Watch Brands

Giordano brand is well known for its stylish and fashionable watches. They create watches keeping in mind the needs and tastes of the young generation.

They have a wide range of uniquely designed stylish watches for men and women and available for an affordable price range in India.

So, if you like to wear casual and dress watches and looking for a brand that suits your needs, Giordano is definitely a great choice for you.

Giordano offers watches in various designs, colors, and premium quality material that claims its popularity.

Hence, the attractive stylish design, durable performance, and the easy availability of the watches on all online stores make Giodano one of the top affordable watches brands in India.

9. Daniel Klein

Daniel Klein Best Affordable Watch Brands

For fashion-forward people, Daniel Klein is the perfect watch brand that is good at offering high-quality stylish watches. They have a wide variety of watches in various designs, and colors at an affordable price range.

Whether you are looking for a watch that is stylish, trendy, or classy, this is the perfect watch brand.

The Daniel Klein watches are most popular for their highly stylish, fashionable, and classy look that you can pair with your casual and formal outfit perfectly.

The watches are highly precise and elegant in style that never fails to make you look stand out from the crowd and give instant attraction to people.

Choose a perfect one for yourself as the brand has a wide range of affordable watches for many different looks.

10. Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger Best Affordable Watch Brands

Last but not least, Tommy Hilfiger is another one of the top budget watch brands from which you can choose your favorite timepiece at an affordable cost.

Tommy Hilfiger is the American taste of fashion well known for making a wide range of fashion accessories like fragrances, apparel, eyewear, wallets, and jewelry, and watches are one of them.

The brand offers a wide range of timepieces in superior build quality, attractive classy & casual designs, and durable performance at an affordable cost.

With its stylish design, the quality of the watch is also great for mid-range watches. Although the watches of this brand are mostly available in major online stores.

So, if you like to do online shopping and looking for a low-budget brand with quality watches, Tommy Hilfiger can be a good choice for you.


So, these were the best affordable watch brands in India that are worth investing in.

We hope, the above post will help you to better understand the best watch brands from which you can choose a perfect mid-range watch for yourself.

Although these are not exactly the watch brands for the lowest price-range watches. Because there are also a plethora of brands out there in the market that we have not listed yet.

But, we have selected these brands due to their popularity, reliability, and trust of consumers and prepared this review according to their features, quality, performances, and customer reviews.

If you liked the above post then don’t forget to share it with your friends and loved ones on social media.

And do let us know in the comment below, which watch brand you have decided to go with?

We would love to hear from you about your feedback.

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