Expensive Watches Brands in India

10 Expensive Watches Brands in India For Premium Watches

A luxury watch is an integral part of the lifestyle, it is a style statement which not only enhances your personality and suits your attire perfectly, it also shows your importance, your taste, and your status.

It also enhances the aura of any of your attires and gives you a distinct noticeable personality among the crowd, making you the center of attraction and forcing everyone to pay attention to you.

So, if you like to wear premium watches regardless of the price, this is the time to invest in a good brand.

In this article, you will get an ultimate list of the top 10 expensive watches brands in India that have a big watchmaking history and well recognized for their premium class watches.

Let’s get into the list directly:

Discover Top 10 Expensive Watches Brands In India For Luxury Watches

Expensive Watches Brands in India

1. Rolex

Rolex Expensive Watches Brands in India in 2020

In the list of expensive luxury watch brands in India, Rolex is a name that does not need any introduction as the brand is known worldwide for its exceptional swiss luxury watches.

Rolex was founded by Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis in 1905 and registered as Rolex in 1908 which is based in Switzerland.

Rolex is the only brand that has registered over 400 patents in the watch history and known for its excellent watchmaking innovation, elegant design, premium quality material, and comfort that makes it one of the premium watch brands in India.

The Rolex watches are the symbol of perfect masterpiece and craftsmanship.

It is recognized as the world’s most powerful watchmaker that offers the most expensive range of classic chronographs, Automatic timepieces for men and women having a wide range of collections for many purposes.

2. Rado

Rado Expensive Watches Brands in India in 2020

Rado is another Switzerland based second most expensive watch brands in India well known for its uniquely designed expensive elegant watches across the world.

The brand was established in 1917 offering a wide range of premium watches for high-class people.

This Iconic brand is well recognized by its first scratch-resistant watch that was introduced in 1962 called DiaStar.

The brand is very popular in India that offers watches featured with elegant design, advanced innovative technology, premium quality material.

Rado is also well known for its luxury swiss watches that build with scratch-resistant sapphire glass, tough and durable ceramic watch body that ensures for precise time performance which is the benchmark of Rado tradition.

3. Tag Heuer

Tag Heuer Expensive Watches Brands in India in 2020

Tag Heuer is a name that recognized well for its luxury swiss watches with hi-tech innovative technology, elegant design, premium built-quality, and high-end precision performance.

Tag Heuer is a luxury swiss watch and fashion accessory manufacturer founded in 1860 as Uhrenmanufaktur Heuer AG by Edouard Heuer in St-Imier, Switzerland.

The brand offers a variety of quartz, automatic and chronograph watch for men and women featured and beautifully crafted with elegant design, premium high-quality material, and long-life precision performance.

The Tag Heuer watches are the perfect blend of technology, functionality, and beauty that ensures very comfortable support, premium feel, and endless durable performance that make this one of the luxury watch brands for men in India.

4. Omega

Omega Expensive Watches Brands in India in 2020

Omega is another expensive swiss luxury watchmaker that deserves this place for its superior sporty and luxurious designs of expensive watches.

The brand was founded in 1848 as the La Generale Watch Co. by Louis Brandt in Bienne, Switzerland.

This Iconic, elegant, and luxury timepiece is the perfect combination of unique design, ultimate precision performance, and innovative technology.

This makes this a perfect companion to suit your premium attire instantly and make people head-turner towards you among the crowd.

5. Breitling

Breitling Expensive Watches Brands in India in 2020

Breitling is the next big name in the world of expensive luxury watches especially recognized in the sports and automobile world for its Aviator and Diving watches.

The watches of this brand are the signature of craftsmanship and extremely precise timekeeping. The brand was founded in 1884 by Leon Breitling in Grenchen, Switzerland.

Breitling produces chronograph watches that are high-end and extremely precise in timekeeping.

This luxury premium watch brand is best known as the official watch supplier to the aviation world for its aviator watches.

Its chronograph watches are absolutely masterpiece built with a mission to provide precise wristwatch.

Breitling watches are worn by many sports and Hollywood celebrities like Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, and David Beckham.

6. Casio

Casio Expensive Watches Brands in India in 2020

If you are among those men who like to wear sporty and hybrid watches then Casio is the leading brand in this segment that you will probably like to own.

Casio is yet another big name in the world of expensive watches that has a wide range of expensive watches in terms of different models, sporty designs, and durable performance.

Casio is a Japanese electronic device manufacturer that was originally known for calculators, mobiles, digital cameras, electronic musical instruments, and various analog and digital watches in earlier years when the company established.

But it is now most recognized for its high-end advanced multifunctional digital and analog sports watches.

Casio watches are built to provide durable and comfortable performance even in extreme conditions.

Casio G-shock, Pro-Trek, Edifice, Youth Series, and Enticer are some of its series that are very popular in India and available at an affordable to an inexpensive price range.

7. Citizen

Citizen Expensive Watches Brands in India in 2020

Citizen is yet another expensive watch brand that is popular worldwide for its advanced technology, unique attractive designs, and ultimate precise performance.

This Japanese based watch company was founded in 1918 and since has been catering to high-end luxury watches in over 130 countries worldwide.

The Citizen brand is especially recognized for its Eco-Drive watches that features a Solar Power technology that works in direct sunlight and does not require any battery or cell to operate.

In India, the brand offers a wide range of luxury watches in different designs, analog, quartz, chronograph watches for those high-class people who do not compromise with the quality.

Citizen is also well known for many other advanced innovative technology on its watches like voice recognition, professional dive technology, thinnest LCD display, and dual-band technology.

Apart from this, the brand offers many digital, Analog-Digital, chronograph watches that are quite popular.

So, with all these advanced features Citizen is considered one of the expensive watch brands in India.

8. Timex

Timex Expensive Watches Brands in India in 2020

Timex is another brand that can not be forgotten when it comes to luxury brands in India. This brand is well known for its German-engineered technology and stylish Italian design watches around the world.

This is an American luxury wristwatch manufacturer that was established in 1854.

In India, Timex offers a wide range of premium watches for men and women in various designs, quality built, and price range to provide long-life precise timekeeping.

Timex Analog Black Dial Men’s Watch, Timex Expedition, E-Class, Classics, Helix, Versace, and Intelligent Quartz are some of its watch series that are very popular in India.

The brand is remarkable for stylish fashionable and advanced hi-tech technology and easily available on all online stores and major retail shops in India.

9. Seiko

Seiko Expensive Watches Brands in India in 2020

Seiko is another very popular wristwatch manufacturer that comes into place when talking about the best expensive luxury watch in India.

It is a Japanese brand founded when a 22-year-old boy Kintaro Hattori, opened a small watch shop in 1881 in Ginza, Tokyo, where he started selling and repairing watches and clocks.

Seiko is a brand known for its Japanese technology and craftsmanship, and also for many other innovations.

This is the brand that was introduced as the world’s first GPS solar watch named Seiko Astron which is considered the most intelligent watch ever made.

In addition, the brand produced its first diving watch in 1965 under the name Seiko Prospex.

In India, Seiko offers a variety of luxury watches for men and women featured with quartz, automatic movement, stylish design, hi-tech advanced features.

Its watches are easily available in online stores, and major retail shops which make this one of the most popular luxury watch brands in India.

10. Tissot

Tissot Expensive Watches Brands in India in 2020

Tissot is the next one of the expensive watch brands in India offering high-end luxury premium swiss watches for high-class people.

The brand was established in 1853 by Charles-Félicien Tissot and his son, Charles-Émile Tissot in Le Locle, Switzerland, and since has been selling watches in over 150 countries worldwide.

The brand is well known for its innovative advanced swiss watches for men and women and many other inventions in watch history.

Tissot offers watches made of gold and platinum some even come with diamonds. Also, it offers high-quality watches at an affordable price range.

Tissot becomes more popular in the year of 1990s when the brand introduces its T-Collection watches featured with many advanced features.

This is the brand that has introduces the first solar-powered watch named T-Touch Expert Solar.

Tissot is a brand that is well known for its great build quality, elegant designs, and exceptional performance.

Due to all these features, Tissot is considered one of the expensive Swiss watch brands in India.


So, these were the top expensive watches brands in India that you would love to get your hands on and can consider for your next luxury watch buy.

We hope the above guide will help you to select the perfect luxury watch brands from which you can choose your next timepiece.

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