How do a smartwatch work

How Do A Smartwatch Work? Know Its Usefulness & Connectivity

I am a big fan of a smartwatch. From the first time I saw a smartwatch, I was very curious to know about how it functions.

After doing a lot of research, I came to know almost everything about it.

A few days back one of my friends came to me with the same question ” how do a smartwatch work“.

As he bought one brand new smartwatch. Suddenly, I recalled everything which I knew about the watch and shared it with him.

After that incident, I got an idea to share everything with you. In this blog, I am sharing all the things which I had shared with my friend.

Please read it to the last for complete information.

What Is A Smartwatch?

How do a smartwatch work

A smartwatch is an advanced version of a digital watch that contains a small computer inside that runs either on iOS or Android operating system programs.

It helps to track and monitoring many fitness key metrics like heart rate, blood pressure, sleep patterns, and burned calories throughout the workout.

In addition, it also helps to make your everyday life more convenient by keeping you updated with your important calls, messages, emails, and daily schedules right of the wrist.

Plus, for those fitness geeks and outdoor lovers, a smartwatch is very helpful gadget that tracks several outdoor sports activities along with distance and rout.

But, I’m sure most of you might be thinking about how exactly this small device performs all these stuff easily.

Well, keep reading this article, you’ll get all your answer ahead.

How Do A Smartwatch Work?

A smartwatch works with a complex algorithm of operating systems program installed on its chip. To use a smartwatch, you will need a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone that already has a compatible app installed to pair with the smartwatch.

Once you synchronize the watch with the smartphone, you will be able to receive all active notifications from your phone and tracking reports on the mobile app.

Why Do I Need A Smartwatch?

I am not really sure if you do need a smartwatch. But I can give you hundreds of reasons, why you do need a smartwatch

One of the reasons which I found very convenient is keeping updated. 

You can keep up with your smartphone without even taking your smartphone out. You can receive all the notifications of your phone to your smartwatch. 

Not just notifications there are tons of reasons why you should own a smartwatch. Let’s look at the list of some more reasons:

1. Internet

Who knew once we will be using the internet from our watches. Smartwatch makes it possible to use the internet from your wrist only. 

2. Remote Control

Smartwatch makes it possible for you to control all your smartphone functions remotely through your smartwatch. 

3. Secured Wearable Device 

A smartwatch is one of the most secure wearable devices. A smartwatch is so secure that you can make payments right away from your wrists. 

4. Navigation

If you feel lost somewhere, you can use the smartwatch to get you on the right path with ease. Along with many more functions which you will discover below. 

How Useful Is A Smartwatch?

A smartwatch is a very helpful device that you can own at the very cheapest cost. Here you will know what all a smartwatch can actually able to do. And how a smartwatch can be useful for you in your daily life. 

There are tons of useful stuff that you can do with your smartwatch. So let’s have a look at the useful aspects of a smartwatch

1. Music And Songs 

One of my favorite things is to listen to my favorite music. But I don’t like changing manually, again and again, using my smartphone. But after having a smartwatch I can listen to any of my favorite music without any manual work. 

Not just music, but if you have any instrument like guitar, ukelele, or violin, you can tune these instruments with your smartwatch. 

2. Notification Access

Once you have paired your smartwatch with your smartphone. You can receive all the notifications from your phone to your smartwatch. 

Let it be a call or notification that you can avoid from your boss or ex. It simply keeps you updated with the notification of your loved ones. 

Moreover, a smartwatch tells you when your phone’s battery is running low, or any breaking news and help you set a timer for your important updates. 

3. For Traveling 

If you travel often, a smartwatch is a must-have device on your wrist. A smartwatch can save hell lots of time and money while traveling or shopping. 

If you feel lost in direction, a smartwatch can show you the correct path with GPS built-in. 

Stuck in an unknown city? Don’t know their mother language? Google translate in your smartwatch will help you translate sentences quickly and easily. 

Thinner wallet? Don’t have enough cash? Pay for groceries fast and easily with the installed app in your smartwatch. 

4. Phone Security

Traveling often may have a risk of stealing or forgetting your smartphone in a restaurant. Smartwatch has a quick smart device finder, which helps you find your lost phone in seconds. 

5. Fun Things To Do With A Smartwatch When You’re Bored

  • Check What Your Smartphone Can See – You can connect your smartwatch to your phone and can literally see what your phone camera sees. You can use this life hack to check the serial code of your TV which is hidden behind. 
  • Control Your PC With Your Smartwatch – By connecting your smartwatch to your PC or laptop, you can actually control your PC with a smartwatch. Try fun things. 

How To Connect A Smartwatch To A Mobile?

How To Connect A Smartwatch To A Mobile?

Connecting a smartwatch to a mobile device is the cup of anyone’s tea. It’s quite easy and you can connect a smartwatch to mobile with different methods.

The 2 methods using which you can connect your smartwatch to your smartphone includes- 

1. Bluetooth Method

If your smartwatch contains Bluetooth connectivity, you can turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone. And check the name of the smartwatch in the discover new device section. Once you find your smartwatch, just click to pair and enjoy with your new device. 

  • Important NoteThe Bluetooth method may differ in Android and IOS devices. 

2. Application Method

Different smartwatch pairs with different applications in iOS or Android devices. You can check the name of the application on the backside of the box of the smartwatch. 

All you need to do is, install the application on your smartphone. Discover the smartwatch in the device nearby section and click on your smartwatch’s name to pair. Once your smartwatch is paired, enjoy your new toy. 

  • Important Note Connection type may differ in the different smartwatches. You can check the backside of the box or the informational page inside the box for pairing. 

How Do Smartwatches And Fitness Trackers Measure Heart Rate?

How Do Smartwatches And Fitness Trackers Measure Heart Rate?

It was around 6th April, in the midst of the covid-19 lockdown, my brother got an apple smartwatch as a gift. He bought it for me and asked he will show magic.

I wore the smartwatch and the magic started. I was able to see my heart rate, steps I was walking, Music, and all the other good things. 

Next minute I was on google searching how the smartwatch actually works?

If you also wonder how smartwatches measures heart rate, Here is the answer- 

Have you ever seen green light below the smartwatch? The secret lies there only. 

Smartwatches track heart rate using the green LED’s which send rays into your wrist and scan the rate of blood flow. Now you might have doubt, are these reading correct? The reading is nearly precise as the vein in the wrist may have different pressure than the vein near the heart. 

Moreover, a smartwatch gives you a warning if it detects any unusual activity in the heart.

How Do Smartwatches And Fitness Trackers Measure Steps?

How Do Smartwatches And Fitness Trackers Measure Steps?

Heartrate is fine as the fitness tracker is worn on the wrist and can measure. But we don’t wear a smartwatch on our legs. So, how does smartwatch and fitness trackers measure steps? 

Smartwatches and fitness trackers measure steps by the sensors which monitor every movement of a body with 3 axis accelerometer. And the smartwatch/fitness tracker monitor movements like walking, running, and in fact, if you are standing still.

How Do Smartwatches And Fitness Trackers Measure Sleep?

How Do Smartwatches And Fitness Trackers Measure Sleep?

Most smartwatches come equipped with a “sleep mode”. This mode requires to be enabled to track the different sleep patterns i.e. deep sleep, light sleep, and REM sleep.

I know you might be thinking that what exactly these sleep patterns are? Believe me, guys, these patterns are very simple to understand. 

When we go to the bed and just start to sleep, our body movement reduces, and the heart rate goes down. This sleeping phase is called Light sleep. In the deep sleep phase, our heart rate goes down significantly and body movement reduces almost zero. 

And, in the REM sleep phase, our eyeball moves left to right at a rapid pace. This is the time when we actually get dreams. This is why it is called REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep which goes 20-40 min for an average human being. 

But here the question remains, how actually a smartwatch/fitness tracker measure sleep patterns?

To measure sleep patterns, the sleep mode of a smartwatch leverages the heart rate sensor and accelerometer sensor to track the speed and direction of motion and heart rate of a human. They take the body movement and heart rate as a consideration based on the different sleep phases, and measures sleep.

How To Use A Smartwatch Without A Smartphone?

How To Use A Smartwatch Without A Smartphone?

Whether your smartwatch will work on not without a smartphone depends on the kind of smartwatch you have. Most smartwatches are designed with a program that requires smartphone connectivity to perform their major functions.

So, if you have an Android or iOS smartwatch, you will require your smartphone nearby always in order to receive active notifications. If not, the smartwatch will be lost Bluetooth connectivity and there’s probably not much you can do.

On the other hand, there are some specific smartwatches out there built with their own native apps from manufacturers like Garmin and Fitbit

The apps installed on these smartwatches allow different tracking and monitoring functions along with pre-scheduled stuff without a nearby phone.

The only limitation is that these smartwatches are very expensive.

Are You Planning To Buy A Smartwatch And Need Our Assistance?

As we told you, a smartwatch can do a lot of things than a regular analog or digital watch. So, if you are planning to buy one for yourself then I would say it’s a good decision. 

But, I know over the hundreds of brands and thousands of different smartwatch models, picking the perfect one is a quite tough and confusing task. But not to worry about.

We have some hands-on reviews for some of the best smartwatches in different budget categories. You can check out these articles to find your perfect one that fits under your budget.

Not just smartwatches, we also have ultimate articles for the best hand-picked fitness bands in various budget segments. Check out these amazing articles:


We hope you have got an idea that how do a smartwatch work and what useful features you gain if you own a smartwatch for yourself.

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