11 Amazing Smartwatch Benefits That Make It Worth Owning

12 Amazing Smartwatch Benefits That Make It Worth Owning

Among the hundreds of digital gadgets, the smartwatch is one that is gaining high popularity for its surprisingly useful benefits. 

And because of these features and benefits, smartwatches making everyday life easier.

Let it be health-related key metrics or fitness monitoring functions, that is the reason why many fitness and health-conscious people shifting to smartwatches as their Virtual Fitness Gurus.

Still, there is a question that always comes from many people that is, “Why I need a smartwatch when I’ve my smartphone?”.

And, if you are also the one with the same question in mind, you’ll get all your questions answered further in this article.

Here we are listing down the 12 amazing useful smartwatch benefits that you can gain from a smartwatch. And these are the features that make a smartwatch worth owning.

These Are The Smartwatch Benefits And Features To Know About

A smartwatch is a multifunction digital gadget. Not a single one, there are numerous useful functions that a smartwatch can perform, but a smartphone doesn’t. They are…

1. They Are More Than Just A Watch

There are two kinds of people in society. 

One who still likes to own traditional watches for their authentic taste and feel and the other one who thing my smartphone is capable of doing more than a watch. So, they don’t prefer owning a watch.

But, where the demand for watches is decreasing in the last few years, smartwatch demand has been significantly grown over a couple of years. The reason is simply straight forward for both watch and smartwatch.

A smartwatch not only performs the basic function of a watch time but also has several other significant features equipped inside. Don’t worry we’ll discuss what are those features further in this article.

2. A Perfect Virtual Fitness Assistant

For health-conscious people, the smartwatch is a perfect virtual fitness assistant. I’m saying this because of the health monitoring capability that they offer. These functions include:

  • Heart-rate monitoring

Most smartwatches come equipped with an in-built ECG optical sensor. This sensor monitors the pulse rate when you do different activities even when you sleep. And gives an insightful report in real-time. 

In this way, you can keep track of your heart rate and improve your fitness level by keeping then your eyes. It also notifies you when your pulse rate goes very high or too low. This feature is very beneficial, especially for cardiac disease people.

  • Blood Pressure monitoring

The smartwatch helps to track the blood pressure and gives you a detailed report. A smartwatch with an SPO2 sensor can also able to track the oxygen level of the body.

  • Sleep tracking

The smartwatch also tracks “How well did you slept” and lets you know about your sleeping pattern i.e. deep sleep and light sleep.

And get you a detailed report of your sleep so that next time you can enhance and optimize your sleeping level.

3. Keeps You Motivated To Stay Healthy & Fit

  • Steps counter

This feature tracks every single step you take throughout the day and shows you the overall report on its screen. It is the in-built accelerometer sensor that tracks your steps based on motion speed, distance, and movement. 

  • Calorie tracker

This function is very beneficial, especially for those who always want to stay in shape and fit. Every typical smartwatch comes equipped with a calorie tracker that helps you count the extra calories you burned during workouts and exercise sessions.

  • Sports mode

For people who are into sports or always involved in indoor/outdoor sports activities, this feature is very beneficial. 

This function is known for tacking sports like running, walking, workouts, swimming, cycling, trekking, hiking, meditation, yoga, and so on.

4. Keeps You Informed With Important Calls, Messages, And Schedules

Without these smart functions, it would wrong to pronounce it as a smartwatch. 

  • Calling features

It happens most times when you are busy, you missed picking up the important call from your family, colleagues, and friends. With this feature, you will be able to see incoming calls right on the smartwatch screen so you can pick up the phone immediately.

Even some smartwatches offer to make and receive the call directly from the smartwatch. So, you don’t need to check the phone continuously. 

  • Receive emails

To be honest, I’m using Noise Colorfit Pro 2 smartwatch whereon I immediately see from whom I have received emails the entire day without opening my phone mailbox. 

Although some smartwatch shows only email sender and few lines to read, still, there are some premium smartwatches out there that allow you to interact and replay to emails by installing an app on smartwatch.

  • Read & view messages

Likewise email feature, this feature also allows you to view and read your phone message right on the smartwatch screen. Means no need to check your mobile once you receive any new message.

  • Set reminders & alarms

The next smart function that some smartwatches provide is to set reminders and alarm clock. 

For instance, if you an important client meeting but you want to set a reminder so you won’t forget the meeting. What you will do? You will set a reminder on that date. Right!

Let’s take another example, If you want to wake up at 5 o’clock early in the morning for the morning run, what you will do? You will set alarm on the phone app right!

A smartwatch can do these jobs for you. You will only require to put alarm time and reminder date-time on the smartwatch app. Now, the smartwatch will notify you by vibrating on the wrist no matter your phone is nearby or not.

5. Connects You To Your Social Networks

One of the major functions that the smartwatch offer is Push notification alert. This feature prompts you whenever your phone gets social media messages like WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, or Twitter, and so on.

This means, if you have a smartwatch on your wrist, you no longer need to open your social app on the phone to see that message. This small device does all the jobs for you with ease. This feature is very handy for your busy schedules.

6. Your Entertainment Buddy On Your Wrist

This small device comes with entertainment along with some form of convenience. This is what makes a smartwatch truly an entertainment buddy.

  • Remote music playback

Many people love to listen to songs while doing workouts and running. Thanks to this function, you can easily turn on-off the music playback of the phone directly from the smartwatch.

Even you can easily change the music and control the playback volume without touching the phone.

  • Play videos on the go

Some high-end smartwatches offer to watch online videos and YouTube stream on the screen. This feature is very beneficial when you are in a rush and don’t have time to wait for the big screen. 

7. Take Selfies For You 

Many budget smartwatches come equipped with a selfie camera on the front to take the selfies directly from the smartwatch. This means you no longer need to open your phone camera to take photos. 

While some smartwatches have a remote camera control feature that only facilitates to control phone’s camera from the smartwatch app to take selfies. 

8. Guides You For The Right Path

If you have a smartwatch on your wrist, you no need to open your smartphone to see the destination route again and again. This can be your perfect travel guide for scenarios where you are in driving seat. 

Because, nowadays, there are several GPS enabled smartwatches available that can be used as a navigation device to find the route.

All you have to feed the destination address on the mobile app and sync your smartwatch, it will guide you throughout the route to reach you to your destination.

9. Let You Find Your Lost Phone Very Easily

This has happened to me many times. I often forgot to place my mobile anywhere in my home and then I had to search for it. 

But, with my Noise ColorFit Pro 2, this has become very easier for me. So, whenever I lost my phone, I just tap the phone finder function on my smartwatch, my phone immediately starts to ring. 

The only thing that requires is your smartwatch should be nearby in the Bluetooth range of your phone. This could be a drawback for some people because the Bluetooth range may vary from phone to phone.

10. It Runs Longer Than Your Phone

Sounds good na! Yes, it is. 

I’m saying this because there are some amazing powerful smartwatches out there that claim to offer a long-lasting battery life of up to 15 days. Even my Noise ColorFit Pro 2 lasts for up to 5 days after a full single charge.

Actually, this long-lasting battery life can be a very convenient thing for a long-trip journey. This is way more than your smartphone battery life. 

11. A Perfect Fashion Partner For All Occasions

Unlike traditional watches, smartwatches can be paired with any type of attire on multiple occasions. As, smartwatches are available in different shapes, colors, and designs, you can pair them with your desired outfit. 

You no need to carry separate watches for different occasions. Its versatile look, changeable strap, and attractive design can make any outfit even more appealing and adorable.

12. New Watch Faces For Everyday Styling

This is indeed one of the cool features of any smartwatch from a fashion point of view. Almost all smartwatches come with cool customizable watch faces to change the watch look according to your mood and outfit. 

Let it be a professional meeting, casual party, formal office meeting, or chilling out with friends, you will get separate watch faces for all these occasions. So, you don’t need to think about carrying a separate watch every time.

Disadvantages Of A smartwatch

There is nothing in the world that has no cons. The same with smartwatches. With so many advantages, there are also some disadvantages of a smartwatch that you may not like.

1. Expensive Price

Smartwatches are quite an expensive device as compared to traditional watches. Even the fully-featured affordable one can cost around Rs 2500, while the premium smartwatches can cost up to Rs 20000.

And, if you have a limited budget, there is a possibility that you may compromise with quality and functions. 

2. Your Phone Should be Nearby

Your smartwatch has to be always nearby to your phone in order to stick with Bluetooth connectivity. Once you lost this connectivity, you will no longer receive updates from your phone.

Only the smartwatch that has dedicated cellular capability and Wi-Fi connectivity can work even after losing the Phone Bluetooth connectivity. But, these smartwatches are very expensive to afford.

3. Small Screen Size

This is true that the smartwatch never can take the place of smartphones. The one valid reason is its small display and touch size. This is the reason you may face difficulty in operating the smartwatch.

Especially for those people who have big fingers, pressing the correct buttons and accessing the right apps can be frustrating. Also, you can not expect the same visually pleasing, that you get on smartphones. 

4. Inaccuracy in Data Reporting

Accuracy in data reporting should be your first priority when you buy any smartwatch. This is a major issue of any smartwatch that can’t be neglect. 

Many people complain that they found poor data reports or the smartwatch is tracking physical activity even without wearing on the wrist. So be sure of the accuracy.

5. Unavailability of Tech Support

Smartwatches are similar electronic gadgets that get damaged just like other gadgets. But, the point is you can get tech support for other things like smartphones, but there is a lack of tech support for smartwatches.

I’m saying this because when I got a defect on my first smartwatch, I had no other option except to buy a new one. I contacted the service center several times but not found any satisfying response or support. 

Are Smartwatches Worth It?

In today’s rapid-fast era, you also have to be fast, and there is no other device like a smartwatch with so much convenience to afford. 

Because owning a smartwatch can gian an array of pros with fewer cons. 

So, in my opinion, a smartwatch is a must-have gadget and worth owning for its useful features and benefits. 

Still, there are some people who are always in favor of watches for their traditional look, authentic taste, and classic feel. 

But, if you are something techy and looking for ease of use, the smartwatch is definitely for you. 


Now you have seen the different smartwatch benefits and disadvantages. And, if you are obsessed with its features, we’ll suggest you go for a smartwatch for yourself.

To make it easier for you, we’ve done hands-on reviews on some of the best quality smartwatches and smart fitness bands in different budget segments.

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