Top 10 Luxury Watch Brands in India You Should Know

Top 10 Luxury Watch Brands in India (Best Watch Company)

“Jewelry isn’t really my thing, but I’ve always got my eye on people’s watches.” – Clive Owen.

This was the quote from a legendary English actor. This shows how much he was attached to his watches. He has a massive collection of watches from different brands.

Like him, we all love watches. Unfortunately, we can’t be an actor like him, but fortunately, we can have beautiful watches on our wrist.

There are several watch companies available in India, but only a few of them deliver high-quality watches, and yes, they have become big players in the watch market.

I have tried to cover the top 10 luxury watch brands in India which are great in watchmaking and offer a wide variety of men’s watches from medium price to expensive range.

Let’s see this infographic and decide which brand is a good fit for you.

Top 10+ Luxury Watch Brands in India You Should Know

Infographic For The Top 10 Best Luxury Watch Brands In India

Infographic For Top 10 World Best Luxury Watch Brands in India

Let’s take a look of the detailed review of these premium watch brands.

Discover Top 1O Best Premium Watches Brands For Men In India

1. Casio

Casio - Top 10 Luxury Watch Brands in India


Casio is no doubt, is one of the best wrist watch brands in India that have built its huge presence and market. But basically, Casio is a multinational company in Japan which was founded in 1946. 

A funny fact about a well-established brand was named Kashio Seisakujo and used to make finger rings that were used to hold cigarettes. As technology starts growing, they attempt to diversify their products. 

From those finger rings to electronic calc’s to electronic musical instruments to a small wristwatch, CASIO became one of the popular brands of watches in India. 

Fun Fact and Net worth: 

Did you know, Casio electronics & co. was fined £3.7 million in 2019 by UK arm after they admitted a form of price-fixing between 2013 and 2018 and with a market valuation of 1 trillion yen (Japanese currency)

About Brand Products:

Apart from history, Casino has built its brand in India, and no doubt that Casio builts the most durable and reliable electronics products in India, and probably none of the other luxury watch brands in India is more loved than CASIO. 

Budget/Price Range:

When it comes to luxury watches, they sound usually very high-budget watches over tens of thousands, but Casio gives you very flexibility in your budget, you can have a watch starting from near about Rs. 800 to Rs 11,000 which depends solely on your budget. 

But you must not judge a watch by its price before having a look at the features and feeling that watch might be giving you. 


As I told you earlier that Casio is well known for their durability and reliability but also for its Casio watches are so versatile that you can wear it any time, anywhere, on any occasion whether it’s your friend’s wedding or a night out with your friends or going to the club or even at the office. 

Brand Ambassadors: 

Casio is never going to disappoint you when you go for its luxury collection of watches.

Even I see the coolest and badass Hollywood celebrities particularly Kristen Stewart, Tyler, and many more celebs who can go for Rolex, Omega, RM watches but they are using CASIO! Also In India, Tiger shroff and Jacqueline Fernandez are the brand ambassador of Casio. 

So there must be a reason for it, RIGHT?  

(source link:

2. Timex

Timex - Top 10 Luxury Watch Brands in India


Timex is a brand that genuinely deserves to be in 2nd place on the list of top 10 luxury watch brands in India. And the story behind Timex is very inspirational and teaches us a never give up attitude. 


In the early 1980s, Japanese companies started to enter the watch market with the lowest cost of digital quartz watches which began to devastate the American watch industry and Timex was one of those brands of that time. 

Despite the competition, they didn’t give up, instead did all the things including cutting off 30,000 employees to 6,000 employees because of new competitors and led to the price war which in turn they decided not to compete in the market anymore. 

Now, they decided to focus entirely on timepieces rather than on various consumer products.

And thus, the quality and fashionable designs of the Timex products lead became their reason for success in such huge noise. 

Fun Fact and Net Worth: 

According to in India, Timex Group India Ltd. has a net worth of almost 20.70 crores with 4500000 equity shares. 

About Brand Products:

No doubt that in India Timex has a huge market place and timepiece lovers just like you and Timex had built a solid reputation and market for their durability of the product by putting the maximum focus on just timepieces the quality has improved a lot. 

In India, there are many luxury watches brands but Timex is the one such brand who have outgrown their competitors by giving longer battery life, gold plating, more accuracy, and water-resistant plus at a lower price. 

Further, when technology was growing rapidly, Timex introduced GPS, heart-rate monitor types of features that lead to the growth in demand for health watches in India. 


Timex watches are featured with many exceptional features that will make you #1 fan of the timepieces. They basically make unisex watches with a clear dial to make time-reading easy.

Also, Timex watches are very versatile that goes well with any outfit, say, formal dressing, casual dressing, party, or any occasion. 

If you have ever got a Timex luxury watch, you might have noticed the flexible and smooth fitted band, and the chronograph looks so fashionable with an exceptional performance which makes Timex a brand deserves to be on place #2. 

Brand ambassadors:

Timex has made many sportspersons and celebrities as its brand ambassador some of the famous names include Suresh Raina, Brett Lee, Mandira Bedi, Ki Ghadi, and many more personalities. 

3. Citizen

Citizen - Top 10 Luxury Watch Brands in India


Citizen is one of the brands that we talked a bit about on the Timex section and is a well-deserving watch to be on the list of best premium watch company in india and is one of the largest timepiece companies in the world. 


Citizen watch co. ltd. was founded by Japanese and Swiss investors in 1930 and first registered in Switzerland and Citizen made a world’s first atomic watch which was accurate to one in one hundred thousand years. 

Citizen is the first-ever company in the whole world who made the first water-proof domestic watch which was named “para water” in 1959.

And year after year they innovated their styles and made unique watches for the visually impaired, the world’s thinnest men’s watch, electronic watches, tuning fork, and N numbers of designs. 

(source: Link here )

Fun Fact and Net worth: 

Citizen watch co. just completed its platinum jubilee i.e 100 years from its establishment in 2018 with a net income of US$121 million according to Wikipedia.

I bet that the fact that citizen is the only single company in the world who make all of their component of the watches in the house in Japan is going to shock you but that is 100 percent correct although these tools are sold to a 3rd party company 


About Brand Products:

Right in front of our eyes, Citizen has become a well-known and well-established luxury watch brand in India and there is no shortage of Citizen fans in India. 

Apart from all of these, Citizen has many more reasons to deserve to be on the top of the luxury watch list in India. And some of the reasons that we are going to discuss. 

Firstly, the watch is made out keeping premium quality with a variety of range in mind and the dial is made in such a way it gives you an easy time reading and scratch proof. 

Also, some of the watches are made out of eco-friendly technology which is not needed to be charged as it can be charged from solar energy. 

And the straps are made out of premium quality genuine leather that ensures firm and sturdy gripping and sweat-free on your wrists which makes this brand one of the best luxury watch brands in India. 

In short, the overall look of this brand’s watches is very classic and stylish that you can pair this brand’s watches with any attire, whether it is a wedding or farewell or going on a night out with your friends and even for basic office purposes.

Brand Ambassadors: 

Apart from that, Citizen has made many brand ambassadors in India and abroad to many sports personalities and celebrities, few of them include Kevin Peterson, Kareena Kapoor, Matt Kenseth, Rahul Dravid, and many more famous personalities.

4. Seiko

Seiko - Top 10 Luxury Watch Brands in India


Seiko is one of the oldest wristwatch company which has been making watches and jewelry since 1881 and eleven years later, in 1892 Seiko made their first clock.

Now they make luxury watches also and being such ancient, they deserve to be on the list of luxury watch brands in India. 

Seiko is a Japanese word which means Success and in 1969 Seiko produced the world’s first quartz watch and later Seiko went to introduce the world’s first quartz chronograph. 

Fun Fact:

One of the interesting facts of Seiko is that they used to make watches solely at home using major and minor equipment which included gears, motors, sensors, LCDs, lubricating oils, and many such types of equipment.

This fact made me place this brand on top of the list of luxury watch brands. 

In India, Seiko is not a brand who have placed their legs firmly but has a huge potential market for luxury watch brands in India which is budget-friendly.

Because in India people want luxury but at a low price. so Seiko has a wide market in India for its luxury watches also. 

Net Worth:

Hattori is the chairman and CEO of Seiko and the net worth of Seiko is around US$2.53 Billion (in terms of yens)

Styling options:

As far as the style of Seiko watches is concerned, they are majorly for any special occasion, for example, a wedding, a birthday party, professional business meetings, etc. with classic and modern type design.

There is a vast variety of styling options for men in terms of color, design, occasion, etc. with versatility Seiko turns out to be one of the best luxury watch brands in India and in the world. 

About Brand Products: 

The main thing about luxury watches is chronographs which makes the watch quite pricey. And this brand is one of the top brands that built beautiful chronographs and makes it easier for the user to read the time. 

If you have ever got a Seiko watch, you might be aware of how comfortable the band, the dial, and easy to read Seiko is, and many Seiko watches come with a tachymeter which adds extra beauty to the watches. 

Brand Ambassadors:

In terms of branding and ambassadorial events, Seiko never took a step back also focused on building a brand and celebrities as its brand ambassador, few famous personality names include Yuki Amami, Novak Djokovic, Jimmie Johnson, and many more famous personalities. 

5. Fossil

Fossil - Top 10 Luxury Watch Brands in India


TheFfossil was started in 1984 and named as overseas product international by a student Kosta Kartsotis and Tom Kartsotis which was making them a potentially large profit as they were importing goods from far east (the watches) and now they have concreted there legs on the Indian market as a luxurious watch brand. 

Lately, Fossil has bought Skagen design ltd, introduced its swiss made watch beauties which are more expensive because of luxury.

Moreover, Fossil acquired Misfit in 2015 to incorporate technology used in the misfit can be introduced in traditional watches. 

About Brand Products:

But when it comes to styling, Fossil luxury watches will never disappoint you. Fossil brand has been recognized as a crystal clear, simple, minimal, classic but luxurious watch and has built its market in India over time. 

For the young generation and the mid-generation Fossil is one of those brands that comes to mind the very next second someone says the word “watch”.  And you will get to know the reason behind it. 

The watch from Fossil brand is designed in such a versatile way that goes pretty decently with any formal dress and gives the person an outstanding personality and that’s what made me give Fossil a place in this list of most popular luxury watch brands in India. 

One of the main reasons why Fossil has such a huge market place and is a high budget luxury watch brand is the chronographs of Fossil are just so alluring and the plus point is it is easy to read time in fossils even after having chronographs.

Chronographs need high precision for their placing and that’s why one must be very skilled so it’s obvious to have high pricing. 

In my circle, I have no one, who didn’t ask me about my Fossil chronographs when I have worn them with my formals at my friend’s birthday party.

The Fossil watch has such amazing build quality, with great performance and stylish and beautiful design, there is no comparison in that. 


Not just this, but the marketing of Fossil is just irresistible, and due to which they have got awards for “Most effective use of online creative” and voted for one of the top 100 companies to work for in the UK. (source: Fossil group)

Brand Ambassadors:

And as far as branding and ambassadors are concerned, Fossil endorsed many Indian celebrities as a brand ambassador, some of the famous names include Varun Dhawan, Disha Patani, Shruti Hassan, and Fatima Sana Shaikh. 

6. Diesel

Diesel - Top 10 Luxury Watch Brands in India


From stitching jeans at the age of fifteen to becoming one of the world-class luxury watch brands in India, nobody knew diesel will become so addictive to people and will become a brand of US$3 Billion which equals 2,19,38,55,00,000 Indian Rupee


Diesel is one of those brands that is leading in India and is very popular as clothing and luxury watch brands in India which has established really well from the last 20 years but diesel was founded in 1978 and failed to grow its reach internationally until 1991. 

When we look at the designs and style of the diesel watch, it is much more likely that diesel is targeting a younger market, the youth of our nation, and sits between high-end brands and low-end brands which helps diesel to reach more audience. (Smart Marketing)

Trend Makers:

Diesel is not from those brands who just follow the trend but the one who creates the trend and the rest follows.

Diesel always tries to look unique, bold, loud, colorful in such a huge and noisy market that outstands the brand from the other and that’s why they deserve to be on the list of luxury watch brands. 

Styling Options:

When it comes to denim and casuals wear, diesel is dominating those niches. Evolving from the old fashion to the casual premium current fashion, diesel is becoming a world-class luxury watch brand. 

The watches which can be worn with any dress, say, casual daily wear, formal wear for office, formal wear for weddings and parties, or going for a night out with friends diesel watches just suits any occasion all you need to choose is the color and style selection for a luxury feel. 

Even In India, Diesel has established its brands as the most popular luxury watch brands along with many celebrities as the brand ambassador and some of the famous names include Aditya Roy Kapoor, Steve Aoki, Infinite, and many more famous names. 

7. Emporio Armani

Emporio Armani - Top 10 Luxury Watch Brands in India

About Brand:

Armani Family is a pretty huge family of luxury watch brand and they have a variety of members including Giorgio Armani, Emporio Armani, Armani Collezioni, Armani Exchange, Armani Junior, Armani/Casa, Armani/Dolci, Armani/Fiori, Armani/Hotels. 

Net Worth:

One such Armani member we are going to discuss and that is, EMPORIO ARMANI whose net worth is around 860 crores USD.

So, Emporio Armani is the second member or second brand of the Armani family. When it comes to trends, Emporio is such a brand that focuses on trends and basically sold only in the Emporio Armani’s stores and on its official website only. 

Fun Fact: 

In India, there is only one Emporio Armani showroom/boutique and that is located in New Delhi. 

About Brand Products:

Emporio Armani is a luxury watch brand that creates watches with a perfect mix of functionality and style along with bold looks of the clothing and featured chronographs with many watches which makes it a top luxurious watch brand.  

Apart from that, Emporio Armani is moving into a smartwatch type style that is powered by wearOS by google with a speaker on the wrist so that one can talk over the phone just from their wrists along with the google assistant just like Siri on iOS. 

Brand Ambassadors:

Being such a premium and luxurious watch brand, Emporio Armani had a few collaborations with the world’s most famous personalities which include David Beckham, Spice Girl Victoria, Cristiano Ronaldo, Megan Fox, Rihanna, Rafael Nadal, and Shawn Mendes.

And once they have collaborated with Reebok (shoe brand) in order to create fashion shoes.

8. Armani Exchange

Armani Exchange - Top 10 Luxury Watch Brands in India

About Brand:

As we have discussed earlier, the Armani family is a huge family, one such member of the Armani family i.e. Armani Exchange is the luxury watch brand that we are going to have a look at. 

Basically, Armani is a luxury men’s clothing and overall accessory that a man can own. The brand was founded by Giorgio Armani in Italy and other members.

Armani Exchange was introduced in the United States in 1991 which basically focuses on retail fashion & lifestyle products. 


On earth, their products are available in only 270 Armani Exchange stores/ boutiques in 31 countries and on their official website store. 

About Brand Products:

Most of the watches from Armani Exchange are made up of stainless steel with a deployment clasp which gives real men feel and the dial of Armani Exchange watches are perfectly finished and with sharp details.

The little and precise detailing of Armani Exchange watches and the usage of high-quality materials is what makes this brand a luxury watch brand in the world.

And most importantly Armani Exchange watches are a little lighter than others. 

Armani watches are such types of watches that are meant to be worn on any special occasion like a wedding or birthday or any business meetings and not casually for daily use.

And this is a luxury watch brand that goes well on formal dressing rather than any casual wear. 

Net Worth and Brand Ambassador: 

According to wealthygorrila, The net worth of Armani in 2020 is around the US $9.6 Billion and the Proud moment for India is that Kartik Aryan is one of the Brand ambassadors of Armani Exchange from India. 

9. Mathey Tissot

Mathey Tissot - Top 10 Luxury Watch Brands in India


Mathey-Tissot is one of the well-established and well-known expensive watch brands founded by Edmond Mathey-Tissot in Switzerland in the late 19th century. And you can access their luxury watches in India as well. 

Starting and establishing a watchmaking business back in the late 19th century (around 1886) in a small village of Switzerland starting out with basic pocket watches to the most expensive chronographs, Mathey-Tissot became one of the best luxury watch brands in India and in the world. 

And today Mathey-Tissot customizes mechanical as well as quartz movement watches all around the world and every watch consists of printed words that say (Mathey-Tissot and Since 1886). 

(Ref link – Click here)

Trend Makers:

Mathey-Tissot is one such brand that doesn’t follow the trend but creates it. And Mathey-Tissot is one of those brands who bought the numerical numbering trends in watches which gives a royal look to the watch. 

Styling Options:

This brand is a very luxurious brand in watches and only meant to wear this watch on special occasions like weddings, family get-togethers, birthday parties, or any business meeting and not for casual wear and daily usage. 

Brand ambassadors:

For Branding and ambassadorial purposes, Mathey-Tissot tries to be a very selective and choosy brand and picks mostly sportsperson and celebrities.

And few well-known names include Trae Young, Klay Thompson, Tony Parker, Arthur Chen, Liu Yifei, and many more names.

10. Scuderia Ferrari

Scuderia Ferari- Top 10 Luxury Watch Brands in India


Ferrari, the name itself suggests that it is related to cars. So, Scuderia Ferrari is basically a luxury Italian automotive manufacturer that you see in Formula One racing.

Later they took over many products like perfumes, electronics, clothing and ultimately became one of the most preferred luxury watch brands in India. 


It all started in the 1950s when Ferrari used to bulk order watches from Gerardo Veronesi(a jeweler) and modifications were done in the factory and soon they started production of the best chronographs. 

Net Worth:

Ferrari has a very large range of its luxury watches, the range starts from Rs. 1,300 up to the range of Rs 62,529 along with a net worth of US $1.35 billion. 


When it comes to styling, Ferrari builts unique and sporty types of luxury watches that are easy to read at the time even in the low light conditions with Ion-plated steel.

Ferrari watches are very versatile that can go pretty decent with both formals and casual wears, so if you are looking for something trendy and daily wears then surely Ferrari watches are for you. 

11. Wictorinox

Wictronix - Top 10 Luxury Watch Brands in India


Victorinox is a luxury watchmaking brand located in a small town of Switzerland and entered into the watchmaking business in 1989 under the “swiss army” name. 

The US used to import almost one-fifth of the watches from New Zealand were Swiss Army Watches which led New Zealand to hold a significant share which gave this young watch company status of 3rd world’s largest exporter in the swiss industry. 

(Ref link: Click here)


As far as the styling of Victronix is concerned, this is such a luxurious watch brand that focuses more on a perfect blend of functionality and elegance, and that’s what makes this brand a royal and luxury brand. 

If you want a daily companion for yourself, Victronix Swiss-made quartz movement is something you are looking for that makes your daily companion and non-scratchy, easy to read time makes this watch a perfect luxurious watch brand in India. 

This brand makes such versatile luxury watches that can be paired quite decently with any formal or casual wear and for any occasion like wedding and birthday parties.


Here in this article, we came across the top 10 Luxury watch brands in India that are known for their great watchmaking history and has a wide range of premium watches with a taste of elegance and beauty with modern technology.

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