Top watch brands for men in India

The 10 Top Watch Brands For Men In India To Know About

Any outfit you wore is incomplete unless you have the right accessories for it.

And we believe watches are such a piece of style equipment that not only shows the time but also complements your attire perfectly.

A watch speaks more about your personality, it shows your importance as a personal statement in front of people. It gives an extra charm to the attire you wore and helps to grab people’s attention.

But without the right matching watch, you cannot expect a distinct personality. And a perfect watch comes from top brands.

Therefore it is very important to know about the top watch brands to get your perfect watch for a perfect personality.

However, due to the availability of various watch brands, choosing a brand that is perfect for your needs and under budget is quite confusing.

To make it easier for you, In this post, I have brought a list of the 10 top watch brands for men in India that are most popular for their quality, durability, affordability, and easy availability in all price range.

So that you can select and buy the perfect right matching timepiece for your attire with no hassle.

Discover Top 10 Best Watch Brands For Men In India

Top watch brands for men in India

1. Titan

Titan Top watch brands for men in India

When it comes to the best wristwatch brands in India, Titan is the name that comes first. It is India’s most popular and evergreen watch company which is liked by millions of people across the country.

Titan is India’s most popular, favorite, and best-selling watch brand. Its popularity can be gauged from the fact that it has been ruling the hearts of Indian people for the last 34 years for its affordable, durable, and attractive watches.

Titan is the fifth largest wrist watch manufacturer in the world and the leading watch manufacturer in India. It was founded in 1984 as Titan Industries Ltd during the collaboration of Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation and the Tata group.

The brand is known for its classy, affordable, and elegant watches. And for the last 34 years, the brand has been offering a wide range of quality casual and formal watches for men, women, and children in various styles, models, and price ranges.

The best thing about the Titan brand is that its watches are easily available on all online stores as well as on offline retail shops across the country.

So, if you are looking for an Indian watch brand that has affordable, durable, and stylish watches, you should definitely go for the Titan brand.

2. Fossil

Fossil Top watch brands for men in India

Fossil is another one of the popular watch brands in India offering a variety of watches for men, women, and kids in terms of different designs, quality, and price ranges.

This American watch brand was founded in 1984 by Tom Kartsotis as an Overseas Product International.

The brand is known for its designer, classy, and high-quality fashionable watches that are quite popular among the Indian people all over the country.

The brand offers some of the sleek, lightweight, and stylish formal and casual watches that are the main attraction of the popularity of the brand.

Along with this, they offer a wide range of expensive timepieces for those who like to wear high-quality luxury watches.

Also, due to the easy availability on all online stores and offline retail shops, Fossil is considered one of the top brands of watches for men in India.

3. Casio

Casio Top watch brands for men in India

Casio is the largest watch manufacturers worldwide known for its expensive, top-notch, and multi-functional sports watches in various budge segments.

When it comes to sports watch, Casio is a name that has no competition at an affordable budget. They have a vast range of quality and durable sports watches.

But actually, Casio is a Japanese electronic company originally known for producing electronic equipements.

They initially started producing calculators, mobiles, digital cameras, and electronic musical instruments, later they entered their foot into the watch market.

It was founded in April 1946 and has since been offering top class watches.

The brand is also very popular in India that offers a variety of watches in the affordable price range in terms of different designs, and quality.

Casio G-shock, Youth Series, Pro-Trek, Enticer, and Edifice are some of its watch series, that is the main focus of its popularity across the country which is liked by a huge number.

So, if you are among those who like to wear sports watches then this is another top watch brand for men in India that can be your great companion.

4. Citizen

Citizen Top watch brands for men in India

Citizen is a Japanese watch brand founded in 1918 and operates in over 130 countries around the globe.

The brand is officially known for its uniquely advanced, high-tech, and expensive timepieces.

They are also very popular for its Solar Powered watches that work in direct sunlight and does not require the battery to run.

In India, Citizen watches are quite popular as the brand offers a wide range of analog, digital, hybrid, classy formal, and casual watches for men and women.

Although the price of Citizen watches is a bit expensive than others, still, due to advanced technology and unique features, Citizen watches are worth investing in.

5. Timex

Timex Top watch brands for men in India

Timex is also an American based wrist watch manufacturer offering top-class luxury, expensive and stylish watches all around the world.

The brand was established in 1854 and has since been offering top luxury watches for men and women in a variety of designs, models, and price range.

This is another most popular wristwatch brand for men in India that is well known for its Italian engineering and german designs.

The Timex Analog Black Dial Men’s Watch and Timex Expedition are some of its watch collections that are very popular among the Indian people.

It has a wide range of luxury watches with great designs, high-build quality, and long-lasting performance.

Along with this, it offers various pocket-friendly watches for those who want to carry quality timepieces at an affordable price range.

So, if you are looking for pocket-friendly watches with a stylish design then Timex is a great brand to go with.

6. Fastrack

Fastrack Top watch brands for men in India

When it comes to watches for the younger generation, Fastrack is a name that always comes first for its Funky, Stylish, Fashionable colorful watches.

Fastrack is a sub-brand of Titan that was established in 2008 and has since been offering affordable, stylish watches for men, women, and kids.

It is one of the fastest-growing Indian made watch brands that created a stir among the youth when it was introduced in 2008.

They have a wide range of casual, formal, and sports watches in various stylish colors and funky designs at an affordable price range that anyone can afford.

In recent years Fastrack has entered their foot into the fitness worlds and launched many fitness bands at an affordable price for those who are passionate about their fitness and sports activities.

7. Daniel Klein

Daniel Klein Top watch brands for men in India

Daniel Klein is yet the top brand for watches in India offering very stylish, elegant, and fashionable watches for men and women.

They are also well known for their designs that are perfect to compliment your formal and casual outfit very perfectly.

Daniel Klein is a Hong Kong Based wristwatch brand that was founded in 1998 and has been selling stylish watches for men and women in various countries and India is one of them.

Although, Daniel Klein watches are mostly available on only online stores in India.

In spite, due to its elegance and affordability, the watches of this brand are quite popular and make this one of the top brands for watches in India.

8. Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger Top watch brands for men in India

Tommy Hilfiger is an American fashion accessory brand that produces apparel like watches, belts, and sunglasses.

The brand is also very popular for its elegant stylish, fashionable, and superior watches that make it one of the top popular watch brands in India.

This American wristwatch brand was founded in 1985 and with more than 1400 retail stores it is running successfully in over 90 countries worldwide. The brand is well known for its elegant and superior classy design watches.

In India, you can find its variety of casual and formal watches in different colors, designs, and price ranges that are very comfortable and feels premium.

So, if you are looking for stylish watches then this brand can be another great choice for you.

9. Guess

Guess Top watch brands for men in India

Guess is an American fashion apparel manufacturer that produces stylish watches for men and women.

The company was established in 1981 and since has been making stylish watches and selling them in more than 80 countries around the world.

The watches of the Guess brand are also quite famous in India due to its fashionable design and price range.

Guess watches are a perfect blend of style, design, and craftsmanship that offers unique designer watches that are built to make you stand out among the crowd of people when you wear it on your wrist.

So, if you are looking for a watch that you can pair with your casual and formal dress, Guess watches can be your great companion.

10. Maxima

Maxima Top watch brands for men in India

Maxima is no doubt the best watch company in India that is well known for its wide range of quality watches at a pocket-friendly budget range.

This is an Indian watch manufacturer that was founded in 1996 and since has been providing watches for men and women at an affordable price.

The brand has a variety of formal, casual watches for both men and women in various designs, models, and colors.

They have a wide collection of watches specially made for couples that are very popular among the young generation. Apart from this, Maxima watches are perfect for gifting purposes as well.

Maxima watches price range starts from 399 and also you may get many special offers and discounts on the festival when you purchase the watches from the online stores.

So, with all these great features Maxima is considered one of the best affordable watch brands for men in India.

Why Should You Go For Branded Watches

If seen, you will get many types of watches even at low prices, then why do you need to buy branded watches?

This is because there are some advantages of buying a branded watch, with branded watches you get many features which you will not find on any cheap watches.

Therefore you should always try to buy branded watches. So let us tell you about those features…

1. Surety of Quality

The first feature is that by buying a branded watch you get surety of its high build quality, which you will not find at all with cheap watches.

The watch’s high quality makes it durable so that the watch can be used for a long time.

2. Comes with Warranty

The second biggest feature is that with branded watches you get a warranty for a certain time period, which is very important for any item.

Due to the warranty, you get the benefit of making the watch free of cost or at a very cheap cost from the company in case of any problem in the future.

3. Durable Performance

The third key feature is that due to the high build quality and warranty, branded watches assure you to be in use for a long time or to be durable for a long time.

At the same time, branded watches remain as new as time goes on and consistently demonstrate excellent performance for a long time without any problems.

Because high build quality, high mechanism, and quality materials of the watch work continuously without deteriorating, which justifies the price you invest on that watch.

4. Comfortable

Premium quality materials like stainless steel, silicon, leather, and rubber are used to make branded watches. They craftily designed keeping in mind your needs and comfort.

So, these watches are very easy to wear and ensure for a comfortable and secure grip on your wrist. These types of watches are perfect for your wrist and make you feel premium.

5. Value for Money

The appropriate features and advantages such as high build quality, good performance, comfortable secure grip, and warranty justify the price that you put on that watch and make the watch worth investing in.


So, these were the Top watch brands for men in India that are growing successfully to meet the increasing demand for watches.

We hope, the above article will help you to understand the top watch brands from which you can get your next perfect timepiece for yourself.

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And do let us know in the comment, which of the watch brand you prefer to go with?

If there are any other top watch brands that should be on our list then do let us know in the comment below.

We would love to hear from you about your feedback.

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