26 Different Type of Watches That Every Watch Enthusiast Should Know

The 26 Types Of Watches To Know About In 2021

You are right.

There are different types of watches available in the market and All watches are different from each other.

There is much more difference at its core than just having a dial, belt, and many hands.

Every watch design for different purpose with a different function.

In this blog, I have tried to cover all the minute details about different types of watches which will help you to choose the best one for the occasion.

And with no surprise, I promise you will be the smartest person in the room.

Ian Fleming was an English author, journalist, and naval intelligence officer who is best known for his James Bond series of spy novels once said…

“A gentleman’s choice of timepiece says as much about him as does his Seville Row suit.”

And this is true.

Let’s take a look on watches in depth and choose the best watch.

These Are The 26 Different Types Of Watches

26 Different Types of Watches That Every Watch Enthusiast Should Know

1. Types of Watches According to Display

Dividing the types of watches according to display type is the easiest and common way to look at watches. 

i) Analog type watch display

Different Types of wrist Watches - Analog watch

Analog watches are the most commonly used wrist watches that you might be wearing right now. 

If yes, you can see a Second’s hand, a minute’s hand, and an hour’s hand. 

Analog watches have fixed numbers from 1 to 12 either in the numeric or roman form on the Display that denotes TIME. 

The exciting fact about analog watches is that they make a very soothing ticking sound.

How does an Analog watch work? 

An analog watch works on a quartz mechanism due to which you hear a “Ticking” sound that is the exact watch one can find. 

What makes an analog watch different from a digital watch? 

The significant difference lies in the display format. An analog watch has a mechanical structure or some mechanism running behind the watch, but in a Digital watch, the time shows in digit format in a LED screen.

ii) Digital

Different Types of wrist Watches - Digital watch

Unlike analog watches, a digital watch is entirely different with respect to its Display. 

When analog watches have a complicated mechanism, digital watches have a LED screen. Yes, just like your smartphone, but it only shows digits and a few pieces of information.

Many kids (including me) have/had problems with reading time in an analog watch because sometimes it’s confusing. So a digital watch is the best option for them. 

An exciting face about digital watches is that many watches have a glowing effect for easy reading at night time. 

Did you know?

The early digital watches were very power-hungry and were unstable. You will still see many branded digital watches, and some are converted into digital smartwatches like apple, Samsung, etc. 

iii) Hybrid (Analog-Digital)

Different Types of wrist Watches - Hybrid watch (Analog-Digita)

As the name suggests, it’s a hybrid meaning “A combination of 2 or more”. So basically, A hybrid watch is a combination of an analog and digital watch. 

A hybrid is a watch that looks like an analog and also works as a digital watch. 

Often, you will see a hybrid watch with more than a single face in addition to a regular watch face. 

The best thing about a hybrid watch is that they give more features than a regular watch and still maintains traditional design.  

Hybrid watches may include fitness bands, the one with smartphone-connected devices.

iv) Tactile

Different Types of wrist Watches - Tactile watch

The tactile watches are just a fantastic invention in the history of timepieces. I mean, imagine you can tell time without even seeing the clock or watch. 

Yes, for our blind fellows, this type of watch is a savior. 

This watch has two ball bearings that rotate on the case of such watches, and one can tell the time by feeling the ball bearing place. 

This was such a simple idea based on (known as) the Bradley concept of timepieces appealed even to the sighted people. 

v) Touchscreen

Different Types of wrist Watches - Touchscreen watch

At the beginning of the technology era, there was much massive equipment to perform little tasks, but now things are getting compact.

First, huge computers for calculations then come the internet, now compact laptops and smartphones that can perform many functions. 

Things went more compact into smart wristwatches and fitness bands, more specifically touch screen wristwatches and bands.

There are many things that a smartwatch can do, and they go with touch screens. You can connect your phone to your wristwatch and BOOM! You have your phone into your wrist. 

And a couple of best examples of smartwatches are the Apple Watch, Fossil watch, Amaze fit watch, etc. with their touch screens, you can easily navigate applications and more such Functionality. 

2. Types of Watches According to Movement

What is the Movement of a watch? And why is it so important? 

The Movement of a watch, in simple terms, is something that makes a watch tick just like a heart in humans that drives a watch. 

Most people buy a watch with exterior looks and features, but you and I are the man with an eye and appreciate the mechanism.

i) Quartz

Different Types of wrist Watches - Quartz watch

Quartz is one of the most basic and common types of machinery that uses quartz crystals for an oscillator that keeps watch-time moving.  

Does this make even you wonder how the time is so precise in quartz watches? 

Let me tell you; it is because of the signals created by this oscillator, which are 100% accurate and precise. 

In chemistries term, quartz is known as Silicon Dioxide, which can easily be found in nature and living organism (source: HERE)

These features, including precision, affordability, and durability of quartz watches, make this a popular and most recommended choice among Indians.

ii) Mechanical/Automatic

Different Types of wrist Watches - Automatic/Mechanical watch

Watches do not contain any battery, micro-chips, or power-circuits. So how do they work? 

They have got “mainspring” that helps store energy, which on unwinding, releases, and allows the watch to work. (PS- They require frequent re-winding to work accurately). 

One of the best things about mechanical watches is that mechanical timepieces can last life-long if you care well. These are some of the finest collection of automatic watches.


Naah! You don’t have to worry about batteries; your hands are enough. 

But as they run on mechanics and sometimes manually, they lack precision and are many expensive timepieces. So as for collection purposes, this turns out to be a better choice.  

iii) Chronograph

Different Types of wrist Watches - Chronograph watch

A regular wristwatch has only one single face with a second, minute, and hour hand. 

But have you ever wondered why few watches have triple or even quad face, i.e., with small 2 or 3 circular dials inside?

A chronograph watch is, and those 2 or 3 extra dials are for use as a stopwatch. 

Initially, chronographs were used only as a stopwatch, but later on, it became integrated with average wrists watches. 

This watch is made in such a way that the extra dials can be controlled, stopped, moved to zero by applying pressure on the different stem given. 

Chronograph watches are beautiful and very accurate in time and stopwatch, and that is why they are very costly because it takes months and high precision skills to make a successful chronograph watch. 

iv) Solar-Powered

Different Types of wrist Watches - Solar-Powered watch

As the name itself suggests, these will be the watches that work under solar power or sun. 

Yes, you are right. BUT How?? 

Have you ever seen a Casio Calculator with a photovoltaic cell strip over it, and it gets charged on its own when kept under sun!!?

If yes, then this solar-powered watch works similarly. They have got a photovoltaic cell’s strip over the watch that keeps getting charged while you drive under a sunny day.

You might have a question, How these watches will work for a more extended time. RIGHT? 

The answer to this question is simple. As long as your calculator works after 15 minutes of solar charge, i.e., at least for six months, but that doesn’t ensure precise timing.  

So, for conserving energy, these types of watches can be a great choice. 

v) Kinetic

Different Types of wrist Watches - Kinetic watch

The word kinetic means something that moves around or rotates to produce energy. 

Kinetic watches have a rotor similar to automatic watches, which rotate in high frequency and produce energy that gets converted into electricity. 

This electricity generation can be stored in a cell, and the power generation depends on the wearer’s arm movement. When arms move around that lead to generate power that is why it is called KINETIC.

Interestingly, kinetic watches are similar to solar watches as they don’t require any charging again and again. But they are different in functioning. 

The one thing that might turn you off is that they may go flat if you are not wearing it for a more extended time. 

vi) Spring Drive

Different Types of wrist Watches - Spring Drive watch

There is a term a few watches back that we have discussed, “MainSpring.” The spring drive works in quite a similar way. 

The mainspring is the source that powers the spring drive like the mechanical watches.

When you turn the crown, the mainspring gets energized and stored in a cell, and via this cell, energy is transferred to gears.

The torque produced is so high that the caliber does not need any other power source to move the needle. 

This is the main advantage of such watches that they need no battery or external source to power the watch and everything works automatically; all you need is to keep turning the crown for the mainspring to get energized. 

Along with this, if you stop wearing or using this watch, this watch will get flat and stop working. 

3. Types of Watches According to Style/Occasion

Watches need to be styled according to the dress code, or people may start judging you for the choices you make. Going to a party and wearing a casual watch doesn’t make any sense. RIGHT? That’s why you need to pair accordingly. 

i) Casual 

Different Types of wrist Watches - Casual watch

You might have seen people around you who love to wear watches every day in school, college, or office, maybe your colleague or your brother or sister. 

The watch they prefer to wear daily despite considering their dress codes are the casual ones. Those watches can be worn daily.

Casual watches are those who do not want something much more from their watches except as a time watching device.

These are the most affordable watches you can wear during your school time, college, in-office, or any casual get together. 

There are some most preferable brands of casual watches that you can go for; a few of them include Fossil, Fastrack, Casio, Tissot, Citizen, Seiko, and many more such brands.  

ii) Dress

Different Types of wrist Watches - Dress watch

When you go to any party or special $200 million business meeting, you must be wearing a formal dress. RIGHT? 

Do you think any random, casual watch will look good or suits your attire over a formal dress? 

Nope, it will make you look unprofessional, and you might lose a $200 Million deal!!! 

HAHA It’s not going to happen, relax. 

So a dress watch is a watch that goes well and suits your overall attire and is minimalistic as they do not get much attention, but it matches your shoes, belt, tie, and coat.  

For a profession like Doctor, Lawyer, CEO of a company, Business owners, or investors, dress watches are a must because they are into business meetings and cliental works most of the time. 

iii) Sports

Different Types of wrist Watches - Sports watch

Sporting is something you might be fond of like I am. But we can’t wear a random, casual watch while playing cricket or football or any sport because few watches can’t sustain or resist such rough situations. 

A sports watch is top-notch in Functionality, has a stopwatch built-in, most durable that can resist shocks, resistant to water and sweat, and importantly scratch proof.   

Now you might think that a sports watch should be a digital type of watch. RIGHT? 

But no, it is not necessarily to be a digital watch. Rolex sports also watch that cost thousands of rupees, but for a budget-friendly, you can go for brands like G-Shock, Seiko, Fastrack, Timex, or Sonata. 

iv) Fashion

Different Types of wrist Watches - Fashion watch

Whenever we say Fashion watches, some brands have made a special place in our minds through its branding.

A few fashion brands include Armani Exchange, Emporio Armani, Gucci, Guess watches, Hugo Boss, and many such brands. 

Usually, fashion watch brands focus more on branding them and use inexpensive quartz and high prices, and that is the foremost reason why such brands cannot sell much of their watches. 

Because most of the people don’t buy a watch, they buy BRANDS! And that is why fashion watches focus more on branding and recognition than watchmaking. 

v) Luxury

Different Types of wrist Watches - Luxury watch

When I was researching, I got confused between a luxury watch and a fashion watch. It sounds the same to me, but it is different. 

So, the fundamental difference is that luxury brands have a long history in watchmaking and are already established as a well-known brand for an extended time. 

Moreover, Luxury brands use gold, diamonds, Kohinoor, precious metals, and other such finest materials available in the market. 

Crafting such luxury watches requires patience while making high precision skills with most premium materials available and takes months in manufacturing. 

You might have heard of the top luxury brand name, which includes Rolex, Patek Philippe, Omega, Hublot, Tag Heuer, Cartier, Tissot, and Armani. 

And such features make these watches a costly watch and can be categorized under dress watches.

4. Types of Watches According to Functionality

We have categorized watches in terms of style, Movement, and Display. Now we will categorize them in terms of Functionality because this is one of the most valid and significant factors for selecting watches. 

i) Chronometer

Different Types of wrist Watches - Chronometer watch

The term Chrono meaning something related to time, and the meter is related to calculation. So combining it turns out as a time calculation device i.e., a stopwatch. 

So what makes a difference, huh?? 

Well, you know that automatic watches are not precise as a quartz movement watch, but something has to move the needle, right?

There comes a chronometer which fills the gap of accuracy as quartz and is quite similar to chronographs. 

Such chronometers are very costly because they are made with premium quality material that resists temperature change. 

ii) Military Watches

Different Types of wrist Watches - Military watch

In the initial phase of the first world war, military watches were just simple pocket watches for army officers and army men. 

But it was quite hard to take out a watch during the war because you can’t keep your eye away from the enemy. And later, it got straps and made into a wristwatch. 

As it is termed military watches, this watch is tough, durable, resists shocks, majorly for adventurous purposes and, most importantly, compass, GPS, stopwatch, solar-powered, which are the significant needs for an army officer. 

I used to think that army watches are only for army officers and not for other people, but I was wrong. This is the best watch for you if you are into adventure sports or somewhere in rough times. 

iii) Pilot/Aviator Watches

Different Types of wrist Watches - Pilot/Aviator watch

When I got access to the internet, I used to watch flying beast (Gaurav Taneja) on youtube, and I dreamt of becoming a pilot (not related to the topic I am just sharing my dream lol).

Coming back to pilot watches, Pilot watches are majorly designed for aviation purposes and not for casual or formal use. And the dial of such watches is pretty large for easy reading. 

Such types of watches are designed to read the time easily and include special features such as a tachymeter for speed, a compass for direction, altimeter for altitude.  

iv) Dive Watches

Different Types of wrist Watches - Diving watch

If you have ever seen a swimming competition, you might have noticed divers wearing a small and minimalistic watch. 

Do they have to watch time underwater? 

No, not the time, but they use it as a stopwatch to calculate the time they completed the lap 1, 2, 3 to improve their speed and bring efficiency in swimming. 

Dive watches are equipped with thick rubber to protect the watch against water. 

Also, dive watches have a bezel that helps professional divers know how much time has elapsed from the dive time to understand how much oxygen is remaining and the perfect time to touch the surface for oxygen consumption.

v) Racing Watches

Different Types of wrist Watches - Racing watch

The name suggests that the watches used for racing purposes such as horse race, 100-meter sprint, and such racing events. 

But what makes the difference?

Okay, a quick question for you. 

What are the two major significant factors for a RACE? 

If you have said speed and timer, you have guessed it correctly!

And a racing watch consists of two such features. A chronograph for timer and tachymeter to calculate the speed to beat the competitor. 

If it sounds complicated to you, never mind, these watches will still tell you units per hour. 

vi) Field Watches

Different Types of wrist Watches - Field watch

By the term, you might have understood the BATTLEFIELD (not the PUBG one). So the field watches are made for the military on the battlefield. 

So as we have discussed in military watches, even field watches are made for challenging terrains and situations that can resist shocks and survive high-tense conditions. 

Such watches are best suited for police officers, firefighters, mud runners. (source- HERE)

vii) GMT Watches

Different Types of wrist Watches - GMT watch

Greenwich Mean Time is abbreviated as GMT, and this is also a regular watch used as a timepiece.

So how do GMT watches stand out from other watches!?

Have you ever seen more than three hands in a dial face? 


This means you have not encountered a GMT watch. Such watches have an extra hand apart from A seconds minute and an hour hand, which takes a whole round of the face in a day. 

Moreover, it has an additional bezel that will help you to set different time zones. 

A significant error occurs in a GMT watch when it is not made without a proper 24-hour scale.

5. Types of Watches According to Physical Structure

When talking about watches – dial, faces, cases are essential, but the most significant thing is the strap that is actually in contact with the hand. RIGHT? Let’s get into that as well.

i) Leather/Silicone band Watches

When it comes to bands and the straps, it must be comfortable wearing without any itching and band marks after removing. 

Leather is an incredibly comfortable material that can be worn for a longer time and makes your watch look stylish and gives a bold look. 

Things to remember while purchasing a leather band watches:

  • Quality of the leather.
  • The durability of the material.
  • If buying online, check reviews. 
  • Check for any faulty scratches. 
  • Color that suits you. (Black or brown) 

          As far as the Silicone band is concerned, they are quite silky, non-toxic to humans, have no smell; the important thing is they are colored rich and bright. 

ii) Bracelet Watches

When we say bracelet, it sounds like a girlish thing, but it’s not. I used to confuse bracelets with girls, but Salman khan does wear bracelets (the blue dialed one). 

Bracelets are the titanium or stainless steel band that replaced the leather or silicone band in a watch. 

The bracelet watches are majorly worn by business man’s or the CEO’s of the companies or in formal wear in a party or get-togethers. 

Since these watches are made of stainless steel, it has a risk of breaking from the joints, requiring much more care than a regular rubber or leather banded watch. 

iii) Round/Square/Rectangular Shaped Watches

Now let’s talk about the dial’s shape because it plays a vital role in terms of looks and your choice. 

I like round shaped dialed watches because it looks good and fits well in my thin wrists, and also, the interface of such eyes looks fine rather than square-shaped. 

When it comes to square-shaped watches, some sports watches show time and date, but on the other hand, there are also smartwatches as of Apple, Samsung, and Mi that have a square-shaped dial and are touch screen. 

As far as rectangular shaped watches are concerned, you might have seen Mi’s fitness band, Amazefit they all are rectangular shaped, and can be paired to your phones easily and tracks your overall fitness activity. 

What Kind of Watch to Wear on Any Occasion

There are many different Types of Watches we have discovered in this post, but you might have noticed a pattern that not a single watch is for every occasion. Eyes have different purposes for every other event. 

  • Daily wear: Your regular watch that you use on a day to day purposes in your school, college, or office, which should be durable, comfortable, and long-lasting. 
  • A Smartwatch: If you are a busy person, a smartwatch can be a great choice as it gives you all the notification right into your wrists. 
  • Formal wear: A party wear used once or twice in a month on special occasions like marriage, get-togethers, parties, etc. 
  • A Sporty watch: For a sporty guy like you and me, we need a sturdy, tough watch that can resist shock and extreme conditions while we play. There comes a sporty watch. 
  • A fashion watch: This is one of those watches that are worn very rarely on very special occasions, not casually every day, and are very expensive. 
  • A luxury watch: There are many brands like Armani, Tissot, Rolex that have built their brand names for luxury watches. They use very premium quality materials and diamonds and gold and rich materials to make a single watch

Here in this infographic, we have shown that what kind of watch goes well with which outfit that will help you choose the right timepiece for the occasion.

Different Types of wrist Watches for different occasion Infographic


I hope you have liked the content on Types of Watches, and we hope you have got what you were looking for. 

In the comment section right below, tell us if we have missed something to update in the article.

Thanks for reading till the end of this article; it means a lot to us. 🙂

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